April 2020
Civil Society and COVID-19: Notable Resources

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic continues to threaten our health and to disrupt our political, economic, social, and cultural lives. At this time of unexpected worldwide crisis, we all face many challenges simultaneously. We need to re-organize our daily lives to reflect the preventive measures that governments have imposed on us, we need to carry out that part of the work that we can under the new circumstances, and we need to plan, to the extent possible, for the future. As civil society actors, we also need to continue doing our work by providing information and services to the groups we serve, defending human rights and democratic institutions and practices, and monitoring the governments’ actions to address the pandemic and beyond.

In an effort to share ideas, approaches, and concerns with our counterparts and colleagues around the world, EWMI has compiled a collection of articles, webpages, and resources that provide guidance and information on approaches, tactics, and tools that civil society actors in the United States and other countries are using or could use to respond to the pandemic. These materials, which can be found on the EWMI COVID Resources page, cover issues related to: the operating environment for civil society organizations (CSOs), CSOs’ role in addressing COVID-19 pandemic and in monitoring governments’ service delivery during the pandemic, potential threats to civil liberties and democracy, freedom of information and the right to information, disinformation, funding sources for CSOs, use of big data, digital and other resources available to CSOs.

We hope that you find this information useful. Our goal is post periodic updates for as long as the information is helpful and relevant. If you are aware of additional articles, materials or training opportunities that you would like to see added to this resource, please submit them to Alexandra Zenoff, Senior Program Manager, azenoff@ewmi.org.

COVID 19 Notable Resources and EWMI Program Responses