Tblisi, Georgia
Tblisi, Georgia
Tblisi, Georgia
May 2012
Regional CSOs Advance ICT Skills at Training

New media technologies are becoming increasingly important tools for civil society organizations (CSOs) to garner public support and advocate for their causes. However, these technologies are often underutilized by CSOs.

To improve this situation in Georgia, EWMI G-PAC organized an Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) training on May 18 in Tbilisi for regional CSOs. The hands-on training focused on helping CSOs build effective digital advocacy campaigns.

Participants were introduced to several technologies they had not been using before, but that they can now use to further their causes. “The training provided a lot of practical information with some of the most important being the tools like Google Reader and Google Alert,” said Tsiala Katamadze, Media Manager at Borjghalo in Batumi.

“The training was much more practical and specific than other similar trainings that I have participated on the same issues,” added Manana Inaishvili, Director of Step Forward in Batumi.

Other topics included the potential data security and privacy threats involved in using ICT tools. “My organization works with IDPs and children, therefore, if anybody publishes inappropriate information in social media on behalf of the organization, we might come across [as violating] human rights,” Inaishvili emphasized. Increased awareness of these issues can help CSOs be savvy when using new media.

The event was open to EWMI G-PAC CAG grantees, and was organized as part of EWMI G-PAC’s Civil Society 2.0 program. Christine Prefontaine of the Technology and Social Change Group (TASCHA) at the University of Washington facilitated the training.