Kosovo NGO Advocacy Project

2001 – 2005

EWMI’s Kosovo NGO Advocacy Project (KNAP) was a USAID-funded cooperative agreement that has achieved its main goal of transforming Kosovar NGOs from service providers into issue-driven agents of change, successfully participating in the formation of policy at local and Kosovo-wide levels, holding local, Kosovo-wide and international authorities accountable and raising public awareness about corruption and other issues in Kosovo. EWMI, in cooperation with the rural-based grant-making Foundation for Democratic Initiatives (FDI), supported more than 84 NGOs to implement advocacy, educational and policy research activities throughout Kosovo. EWMI, together with its local partners, established the Advocacy Training and Resource Center (ATRC), an operational resource and training center serving hundreds of NGOs, which is centrally located in Prishtina, and has become a leading center of advocacy networks and campaigns. Together, FDI and ATRC have provided networking, training, advocacy and funding opportunities to local NGOs that have enhanced the role of NGOs in advocacy, strengthened the institutional capacity of the NGO sector by fostering the development of viable, professional, sustainable and transparent NGOs. Additionally, EWMI, along with its partners, developed rules and procedures for NGO/public participation on the municipal level in pilot communities.