Kosovo Negotiations Awareness Campaign

2006 – 2007

In May 2006, EWMI launched the Negotiations Awareness Campaign (NAC), a project funded by both the Rockefeller Brothers Fund and the Balkan Trust for Democracy Fund that aimed to increase the transparency of the final status negotiations. Through a series of public meetings, citizens had an opportunity to learn about the negotiation process firsthand, and to present their views and concerns directly to the negotiation team. These meetings also worked to raise public awareness of the final status process, while simultaneously furthering the development of a participatory civil society in Kosovo. By using a debate format, and reaching out to the minorities of Kosovo, NAC raised the awareness of the general public on the issue of independence. The debate format also encouraged participation by the audiences and the general public in posing difficult questions directly to the negotiations team. At the local level, the program also showed that the Albanians and the Serbs were often more united than divided, and that both communities were more concerned amount the improvement of everyday life than international issues.