Kosovo Task Force Program


EWMI has been at the forefront in assisting Kosovo prepare for independence.   In early 2007, with the support of the Rockefeller Brothers Fund (RBF), EWMI established a Task Force comprised of leading civic leaders and policy analysts from Kosovo to assist the Kosovar administration and civil society prepare for upcoming challenges associated with the resolution of its status. The Task Force played a critical role in bringing together Kosovo’s Unity Team, Kosovar central and local government representatives and other international and regional leaders, representatives of the Serb minority, civil society leaders, and representatives of Kosovo’s media together for the historic Developing a Strategy for Kosovo’s First 120 Days conference hosted by the Rockefeller Brothers Fund at Pocantico, NY in April 2007. Following the conference, the Task Force has been expanded and strengthened with the support of RBF and the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation. The Task Force is providing assistance to support both civil society and government institutions in their preparations, including: (i) advising and mentoring the government to improve communications and risk management associated with upcoming independence, which includes supporting development of structures at the municipal level that will enable a stable line of communications between the central and municipal authorities ; (ii) supporting the development of public policy related to economic development; (iii) facilitating activities that move Kosovo towards regional integration; and (iv) launching activities that promote closer relations with the EU.