Enhancing the Quality of Life for People Living with HIV/AIDS in Uganda

The National Forum of People Living with HIV/AIDS Network in Uganda implements the Treatment Literacy Program to ensure that people living with HIV/AIDS know their status and regularly take their medications, allowing them to live healthier and happy lives. With funding from PEPFAR, East-West...


Breaking Tradition and Raising Legal Awareness

"I am the only girl in my family. Since childhood, I have been surrounded by lawyers. Therefore, when it came time to choose a profession, I didn't have much doubt. My parents supported me and wanted me to build a good career in my profession. I knew from the first grade that I would work in an...


Building Global Leaders

"I know stigma like I know the back of my hand.”

“From a young age, I watched everyone walk away from me when I tested positive for HIV. From my friends at school to my very own father, who sent me away to the village to my maternal grandmother. Apparently, so I could die next to my...


EWMI Welcomes New Board Member

EWMI is pleased to announce the addition of David Tolbert to its Board of Directors.

Tolbert is a highly regarded international human rights lawyer and former war crimes prosecutor, with a distinguished record of leadership and innovation. He is currently at Georgetown Law School where he...


Leaders in the Making

“It’s still magic even if you know how it’s done”, Says Author Terry Pratchett.

The teenage girls in Lira, Northern Uganda, will probably tell you technology is even more magical once you know how it’s done - as they have not only attained digital literacy but have gone on to develop a...